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Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bars & Clubs

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How it works

Step 1

Customer scans QR code offer

We place flyers, post cards, or table tents at your cash register or on your tables.

As your customers wait for their meal, they may see the table tent with 15% OFF their bill.

Customer scans the QR code or visits your mobile URL to access your mobile landing page and enter their details.

Step 2

Customer visits mobile landing page

Once the they enter their detail, it is added to your customer database  for future promotions. The customer is redirected to a web page with a Instant Coupon Code.

They are instructed to present the coupon on their phone to the server.

Step 3

Send new promotions to your Customer List

You now have customers  details to drive them back into the restaurant. You can send  text promotions to your customers. Imagine having a database of 500 customers receiving your promo offers.

20% respond and visit your restaurant as a result of your promotion, you will have an extra 100 customers spending more money in your restaurant!

The Restaurant VIP Club builds your diners list crazy fast
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