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Put your restaurant at the fingertips of your customers in your area when you become a part of the Restaurant VIP Club community. Enjoy more repeat and new orders, the latest innovative technology, targeted marketing and dedicated customer service when you join us.

All Done For You

High quality marketing materials to attract more diners to your restaurant ready to download for you to use for your business.

Save Hours And £££

No need to hire expensive graphic designers and content writers we've done all the heavy lifting!

Innovative technology

Improve your ordering process and make your customers’ experience even better with smart Restaurant VIP Club technology.

“I joined the Restaurant VIP Club over 2 years ago.”

It's been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. The extra revenue means I can look at expanding my restaurant.
Sandra, Hertfordshire

More diners

We’ll publicise your business like never before, ensuring it attract more diners, and on more screens. We’ll offer new ways to attract diners, and work with you to ensure existing ones keep coming back.

More control

Our services give you the control in every aspect of your business. We’ll work hard to better understand your business, and offer easy to use technology that fits your needs perfectly, giving you the freedom to make changes, updates and improvements whenever you like.

More value

With our easy to use, practical services, much of the time-consuming work is easily taken care of, leaving you free to concentrate on making the most out of every order, every time. It’s all about increasing efficiency and giving you more value.

“Since joining the Restaurant VIP Club I've been able to refurbish and build up my restaurant.”

I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this without my new customers and lots of repeat business through the Restaurant VIP Club.
Simon, Hertfordshire

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You’ll receive your welcome pack in the post with your new tent cards as well as a few other Restaurant VIP Club goodies to get you started.

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